The Hockey Museum

The Hockey Museum is a collection still in its infancy, being in existence since 2011, but is growing up fast. The museum is a valuable source of information on hockey throughout the ages. It’s aim is to preserve, share and celebrate the rich heritage and history of the sport of hockey, not only in Britain where the modern game started, but also from all round the world.

Midland Counties Hockey Club caps in the Museums collection

The archives and collections in The Hockey Museum are an organic resource and they encourage the hockey community and others to participate in and contribute to their development.

Wales Hockey Cap Hockey awarded to Rev Willim Edwyn Jones in 1906. Jones won his first cap on 10 Feb 1906 and final cap on 8 March 1913. He played for Christ College Brecon and Aberavon and Llandudno clubs. He passed away on 3/7/46.

There are already over 1000 books in the Museum Library and along with the magazines, handbooks and photographs, they provide a valuable resource for anyone studying our sport. Hockey illustrations, paintings and prints, many of which date back to the early days of hockey now number over 400 and the Museum also has a wide selection of playing kit in the form of clothing, sticks, balls and goalkeeping kit spanning hockey’s 150 year ‘modern’ history.

The next few years are exiting times for the museum which will culminate in the museum having a larger facility and more chance to continue its work with improved facilities.